Personalising a Funeral

Funerals need to be more personal. We live interesting and varied lives, so how come when it comes time for a funeral service the majority of people still go with tradition instead? A lot can happen in someone’s lifetime that they don’t want to be remembered by their family or friends at all – why not make an effort on your behalf?

funeral services are about to get even more interesting. With so many options for music and flowers, you’ll be able to make your loved one feel like the star of their own show! We recommend opting out altogether by choosing something simple yet meaningful- just think how sad it would have been if there had only been raining during this time?
I’m sure anything could happen at any point when someone is grieving; maybe they’ll play an old song from when mom was still alive or offer up some words written specifically regarding father’s passing which reminded him he wasn’t alone anymore ́cord

funeral music and poems, flowers and coffins
A funeral is a time to grieve. What better way than with some beautiful song or poem that will bring tears into your eyes? You can find all the information you need on these pages-from suggestions for songs played at memorial services (including helpful videos)to ideas about what kind of arrangements would be fitting in regards to style/selected colour schemes etc.. If it’s not too much trouble we recommend reading through our guide first before getting any other materials because there are many things covered within its borders.

Funeral Transport

However, the hearse is not just for transporting coffins and families. The first thing people see when attending a funeral can be very upsetting indeed-so having one on hand means you’ll never have any trouble finding someone who’ll do what needs to be done.

The Hearse can be anything you want it to be. So imagine how different that experience would have been if the hearse was a motorbike, 4×4 or even an old VW Camper Van with a sidecar followed by other cars in tow? And what’s worse than having your loved one passed away inside of some stuffy black limousine when they could’ve just as easily arrived at their final destination aboard one heckuva cool looking Beetle instead.

You can choose from traditional or modern designs for your hearse. You’ll be able to place flowers at the back of this limousine, so it will look more like a flower-filled church service than an ordinary funeral procession.

The internet is a great place to find unique funeral transportation ideas. From the traditional horse-drawn hearse or even something as grand and elegant as rolls Royce – there’s tons of different options available for any preference!

If you are looking for a way to plan your funeral in advance, all of our pre-paid plans come equipped with hearses and vehicles. We offer both luxury cars or limousines depending on the level chosen which will be perfect when friends come to visit during this difficult time!
The best part? You don’t have to worry about anything else because we take care of everything – from picking up flowers at lush gardens across town (literally), disposing of bodies inside their final destination citywide via public transport if necessary. And even providing bilingual mortuary staff members ready 24/7 should any questions arise after death has occurred.

Funeral Stationery

Funerals are a very important occasion in our lives and it is essential to commemorate the life of someone who has passed on with dignity. The order of service funeral cards can be used as an effective way for family members, friends or colleagues alike have something tangible they will always cherish from their time together during this challenging period; whether you’re sending out flowers (or not) these pieces allow people keep holding onto some part-of what was lost -the memory itself doesn’t need any adornment.

  • Announcement cards – a way of telling people the news without having to call
  • Order of service – details the funeral service
  • Attendance cards – keeps a record of the people that attended the service in case you want to contact them at a later date to thank them
  • Memorial cards – keepsakes usually sent out after the funeral service
  • Bookmarks – keepsakes usually sent out after the funeral service
  • Acknowledgement cards – to say thank you
  • Book of condolence – for people to add their messages of respect

You don’t need to be a professional writer or artist in order for your message and image loud heard at the funeral service. You can have something custom-made that is perfect just as it is! There are plenty of templates available so all you’ll need after choosing what typeface looks best with whatever writing style – whether elegant script MS Gothic perhaps; crisp block capitals–isn’t complicated at all: find an online supplier who offers them (most do), pick one out from among many possibilities then input information such as name & date into their website

Funeral Wake & Receptions

The post-funeral period is an important time for family and friends to gather, console one another in their losses.
A wake or reception gives people the opportunity do something together after a loved ones’ death; it can act as both celebration of life ceremony but also provide space where individuals may individually grieve according to what they need most at this moment – be that companionship from others who have experienced similar situations before you etcetera

The opportunity to share old memories and stories over a sandwich at home, or down the pub is an essential part of healing after having attended someone’s funeral service. It can be used as both time spent with family members who have lost their loved one but also allow them space in between sessions while they grieve properly without any distractions from outsiders – just what you would want during this difficult period.

The funeral wake or reception is not just an opportunity to pay your respects, but also gives you the chance give those who have traveled far something nice before they leave.

The cheapest option might be to do something at home in these tough times. You could find that friends and family chip into helping out with food, washing up or even just being a set of ears if you need someone who’s been there before – offer them some tea! alternatively, pubs/hotels etc can often provide facilities which mean less hassle for anyone involved whether they want company while cooking up dinner OR tidying afterwards.

Although it is not necessary, you may want to let your guests know about the number of people attending before or during services for closure. This can be done either ahead of time through an open invitation with details on where and when they should show up; alternatively just send out save-the dates so there’s no confusion later!

There are many options available to you. The main considerations in this decision will be budget and what exactly do want from the experience?

Memorials and Urns

It’s often extremely important for people to have somewhere special they can visit, just to sit and remember the good old days. A bench with a memorial plaque overlooking a beach where the family holidayed year after year, a tree in a favourite park, memorial stones covered in fresh flowers at the local church.

What will you do with your ashes?
It’s a question that people have been asking themselves for centuries. And while there are many answers, one of the most important things is deciding where they want to be scattered or what form it should take- whether as crystals in bowls and chimes; winds through necklaces by plane elevations into skywriting columns during firework displays–the list goes on! It really does depend entirely upon how individualistic their desired final resting place feels like being treated accordingly so keep this option open till last because sometimes even artists need some guidance when creating lasting memorial artworks.

There are many things to consider when dealing with the remains of someone who has passed away. You may want their ashes close by so you can visit them regularly or scattered at a specific location which will mean more than just an urn for memories sake, but also because it’s where they fell in battle if that’s what felt right going forward as well!

Unusual Send Offs

Why not make the people you care about smile and laugh in their time of need?
It can be difficult when someone dies, but there are ways to deal with it that don’t involve being sad. One such idea is “your way” goodbye – a funeral where all manner or ceremonies take place according-to whichever tradition(s) intimate appeal most deeply desired by our loved ones at death; whether Christianity/jewellery etc., even if they weren’t religious! If this seems rather unconventional then perhaps personalizing your own service will help bring some levity into what would otherwise just feel like overwhelming grief.

If you love music, why not have your favourite live band playing? If you’re a big kid at heart who loves fireworks, why not end with a big bang?

With a huge range of coffins, funeral flowers, venues, music, funeral poems and transportation, why not make that grand finale the performance of your life?