Funeral Flowers

The world of flowers is a vast and complex one. There are so many different types to choose from, not just in terms or colour but also arrangement style as well! How do you make your selection personal?

When you’re looking at the options for sending flowers, it can be difficult to know what is right. But with these questions in mind and some guidance from professionals who specialize in this area of specialty- think about how much time they have left before their loved one passes away? Do I want my message on display? If so then do not hesitate: send someone an arrangement immediately!

  • Is there a favourite flower or colour you could choose?
  • Is there a theme to the funeral that would influence
  • your choice such as a colour or time of year?
  • Is there a hobby or interest that could be incorporated
  • such as the colours of a football team?
  • Are family members thinking about a specific colour
  • scheme or funeral flower?

Funeral Coffin Spray

coffinsprays are usually chosen by close family members as the main floral tribute. Designed to sit beautifully on top of a coffin, there’s often plenty available in color and size that will suit any budget – they can also be known at casket sprays or double ended weeds! We recommend using seasonal stems mixed with green leaves for an elegant look when designing yours so it matches perfectly against its surroundings
A range if colors is possible depending what you want- whether this means investing some money into buying special ones from specialist florists who specialize only these types


A symbol of love, generally sent by close family members. Available in a variety of sizes and colours to personalise the funeral tribute.



The Wreath is a traditional funeral flower tribute that friends, family members or co-workers may send to pay their respects. This symbolizes eternal life and respect for the person whose memory it represents in this way they will be remembered forevermore with hindsight! The variety of styles available makes them versatile too; you can create wreaths out of any size depending on how large your heart feels like beating as well its color preference which ever comes first – we have reds down here at our shop if anyone needs some advice about what kind would suit best?

Letter tributes

The art of floral design is an ancient one, with traditions that date back centuries. One type often seen in modern day arrangements are letters – usually spelling out something special about the person being honored or their name just like “Papa” or “Mum”. These can be designed using colors from a range which includes everything you might find at your local grocery store!


A cross tribute is a way to show your appreciation for the religious beliefs of someone who has passed. It can be sent by immediate family, which represents their personal sentiments towards that person and what they believe in life or after death; it’s also common among friends as an expression on how much we care about one another’s losses