Writing a will – it’s easier than you think

It’s a sad reality that 60% of UK adults still don’t have wills, and if you die without one your assets will be divided according to the government’s intestacy rules. These can make it difficult for those who want their funds distributed in an differs from how they were originally planned because there is no way around using complicated legal jargon or paying expensive court fees when all anyone needs is some simple information about loved ones like names & addresses so money doesn’t go wasted on unnecessary expenses!

What is a will

A Will is a legal document that states what should happen to your money, possessions and property when you die. In addition to naming the executor and setting out how your estate should be distributed; a will can also confirm who should be appointed legal guardian for children under 18.

Also, if your estate is subject to inheritance tax, a Will could help mitigate or at least reduce the amount paid.

How to make a will

To make a Will you need to set out: